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6 Ways to Raise Funds for Your NGO


By Team Metta Social

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or Non-Profit Organizations play a vital role in the development of the country, and their success largely depends on the availability of funds. While various sources of funding are available, raising funds for Non-Profits can be challenging. Here, we will discuss some effective ways to raise funds for your Non-Profits in India. From crowdfunding and corporate partnerships to grant writing and events, we will explore different strategies to help your Non-Profits secure the funding it needs to positively impact your community.

Whether you’re a new Nonprofit just starting out or an established organization looking for new funding sources, this blog provides practical and actionable tips to help you achieve your fundraising goals. So, let’s dive in and explore some innovative ways to raise funds for your Nonprofit in India!

1. Grants

Grants are a popular funding option for Nonprofits in India, as they provide financial support without the requirement of repayment. Nonprofits can apply for grants from various sources, including government agencies, foundations, and enterprises that align with the Non-Profit Organization’s mission and objectives. In India, several grant opportunities are available for Nonprofits to explore, ranging from small grants to large-scale funding initiatives. However, the process of securing grants can be competitive and requires a well-planned grant proposal. The grant proposal should outline the organization’s mission, objectives, and strategies, along with a detailed budget and timeline. It should also showcase the Nonprofit’s capacity to effectively manage and implement the project. They should thoroughly research available grants, understand the grant-making organization’s requirements, and tailor their proposals accordingly. Applying for grants can be a time-consuming process, but the potential benefits of securing the funding can be significant for a Non-Profit, enabling them to sustain and scale their programs, reach more people, and create a more significant impact.

2. Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships can be a valuable source of funding and support for Non-Profits in India. Partnering with enterprises can help them access financial resources, volunteers, and other resources that can support their programs and initiatives. To form successful corporate partnerships, Nonprofits should identify corporates that share their mission and values and have a history of supporting similar causes.


Corporate partnerships in India can take various forms, ranging from corporate donations to employee volunteering programs. For instance, many businesses in India have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs mandated by law, which require them to allocate a percentage of their profits toward social initiatives. These programs offer Non-Profit Organizations the opportunity to receive substantial funding and other forms of support from the corporate sector.


In addition to financial support, corporate partnerships can provide Nonprofits with access to skilled volunteers who can help with various aspects of their work, such as marketing, fundraising, and project management. Nonprofits should be proactive in building and maintaining relationships with corporate partners, by developing strong communication channels and demonstrating the impact of their work. Effective communication and collaboration with corporate partners can help them to build long-term partnerships that can significantly benefit their work and the communities they serve.

3. Philanthropy

Philanthropy or Individual donations can be a significant source of funding for Non-Profits in India. Encouraging High Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs) to donate to their cause can help Non-Profits to generate funds and support from a broad base of donors. One of the most effective ways to encourage individual donations is through online fundraising campaigns and crowdfunding platforms. These platforms provide an easy and convenient way for individuals to donate to their favourite Non-Profits, and allow these Non-profits to reach a wider audience beyond their immediate community.


To maximize fundraising impact, Non-Profit Organizations should develop a donor engagement program that keeps donors like U-HNIs and HNIs informed and involved. This involves regular updates on program progress, and inviting donors to participate in events and volunteer opportunities. Transparency and accountability are crucial, including providing clear information on how donations are used and being responsive to donor feedback. Appreciation gestures like thank-you notes and social media recognition build strong relationships and long-term support. Prioritizing donor engagement and appreciation helps build a sustainable base of individual supporters and achieve fundraising goals.

4. Events

Host fundraising events such as galas, auctions, or charity walks to raise funds for your organization. These events can help raise awareness of your organization’s mission and attract new donors.

5. Non-Monetary Donations

Non-monetary donations, also known as in-kind donations, are contributions made to a Nonprofit in the form of goods or services instead of money. Such donations can be a valuable resource for Nonprofits operating in India, particularly those with limited financial resources. white.jpg

In-kind donations can include anything from office equipment and supplies to professional services such as legal or accounting assistance. They can also include donations of food, clothing, medicine, and other items that can support an organization’s work. Nonprofits can solicit in-kind donations from individuals, corporations, or other organizations, and can use them to supplement their financial resources, reduce their expenses, and enhance the quality of services they provide. By leveraging non-monetary contributions, Non-Profits can expand their reach and impact, and deliver more effective programs to the communities they serve.

6. Government Funding

Apply for government funding opportunities that are available for Nonprofits in India. The Indian government provides various funding programs and schemes to support the work of Nonprofits across the country. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, for instance, offers several schemes for Nonprofits working in areas such as disability, child welfare, and drug rehabilitation. The National Trust provides funding for organizations working with persons with disabilities, while the National Rural Health Mission offers support working in the healthcare sector. Government funding can provide a significant source of support for Nonprofits, but the application process can be lengthy and competitive. Nonprofits must carefully review each program’s eligibility criteria and application guidelines before submitting their proposals.
white.jpg Additionally, Non-Profits must ensure they meet all legal and regulatory requirements to qualify for government funding. Despite these challenges, government funding remains an attractive option for Non-Profits seeking long-term support for their programs and initiatives.

Final Thoughts

Raising funds for a Nonprofit in India requires innovation, persistence, and a strong commitment to the organization’s mission. It is crucial to develop a diversified fundraising strategy that leverages various sources of funding. By leveraging these strategies, Nonprofits can generate the necessary financial resources to positively impact their communities. As the fundraising landscape continues to evolve, they need to stay agile and adaptable to the changing funding environment. With the right approach, Non-Profit Organizations can achieve their fundraising goals and contribute to the betterment of society. white.jpg

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