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Metta Social connects individuals, organizations, and communities to pursue social good and environmental sustainability. With Metta Social, you can join forces with like-minded individuals and organizations to create tangible change and build a better tomorrow for all. So join the movement today and be part of the solution.


The Future of Philanthropy

Philanthropy 2.0 : The conventional approach to giving is outdated. Both individuals and businesses are expected to play an active and strategic role in addressing social and environmental issues. The shift to this new philanthropy model presents the potential for a substantial impact on society and the participating individuals and businesses.

SocioNXT platform for Enterprises/Companies

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy 2.0

  • Strategic Alignment:  aligning corporate giving with overall business strategy and goals

  • Transparency: ensuring accountability for results

  • Collaborative Partnerships: seeking long-term, sustainable impact

  • Integrated Approach: integrating giving with investment decisions for social and financial returns

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Using data and technology to measure impact and create a social roadmap

intouch platform for Enterprises | Companies

Individual Philanthropy

Individual Philanthropy 2.0

  • Create Roadmap: Building philanthropic portfolios 

  • Transparency: Evidence-based giving and impact investing

  • Co-Create: Collaboration and co-investment with other funders

  • SROI: Measuring and tracking the impact of investments

  • Innovation: Focusing on systemic social change 

  • Network: Building community for a better future

Our Offerings

Metta Social offers funding opportunities that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing businesses and individual philanthropists to support initiatives that address the world's most pressing issues, such as education, healthcare, the environment,livelihoods, and disasters, while tracking on-the-ground impact and social ROI.

Enterprises | Social Good | Giving

For Enterprises

Delivering tailor-made social transformation, transparency, and impact solutions for the Board, C-Suite, and CSR Leads of forward-thinking enterprises.

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Philanthropy | Social Good | Charity Giving

For Philanthropists

Enabling family offices and ultra-HNIs to deepen their social impact and create a lasting legacy through strategic philanthropy.

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NGO | Social Purpose Organisation | Mission-driven | Purpose-driven | Empowering NGOs

For NGOs

Empowering NGOs to drive real change. Our mission is to create a thriving social impact ecosystem by providing resources, data and technology.

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Global Presence. Global Partnerships.

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Our Holistic Value Proposition

Engineering social impact at scale through an integrated approach of deep tech, unmatched expertise, and strategic partnerships. The Metta Social Way envisions global social leadership by forging a social impact ecosystem that is equitable, inclusive, and regenerative.


Metta Verified

A team of experts with a passion for social change



A deep understanding of social impact issues


Brand Equity

Helping organizations with low cost to expand your global reach


Impact Measurement

Proven methodologies for measuring social impact


Portfolio Service

An outcome-focused approach to social investments


Platform as a Service

A commitment to trust, transparency and accountability

NGO | Social Purpose Organisation | Mission-driven | Purpose-driven | Empowering NGOs

For NGOs

Creating a thriving ecosystem of social impact by providing NGOs with the resources, data, and technology they need to drive real change.

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Making a difference: Follow us as we enable organisations and individuals to make a difference in communities all over the world.

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