Metta Social Platform for NGOs

Unleash Your NGO's Potential with Access to Corporate Funding

One-stop solution for NGOs to ingress funds by leveraging a tech platform. Metta Social helps NGOs to reduce their cost of funding for an impact that reverberates beyond numbers.

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Corporate Fundraising

Corporate Fundraising

Algorithmically identifies and matches NGOs with the right funders, based on their preferences, objectives and track records

Programme Enablement

Programme Enablement

Standardization across proposal, due diligence and M&E leading to reduced time and efforts

Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services

Team of experts always by your side right from the start to aid you with all the processes

Modern-day Funding Platform That Breathes Scale Into Social Impact.

Metta Social serves as an enabler to the NGOs with our tech for good solutions to access funds. A one-stop solution for NGOs that streamlines the fundraising process, enabling them to focus on the social development impact with maximum efficiency. Powered by a futuristic amalgamation of AI and Blockchain, Metta Social enables real-time impact fund raising, assessment and social auditing with secure transactions.

Raise funds and manage your next program at ease with Metta Social

Take an actionable and measurable stand on social issues by investing in causes that matter. Metta Social provides an ecosystem for 1:1 partnerships between enterprises and on-ground NGOs to drive social, economic, and environmental value at scale. With increased trust in intent and impact and strategic CSR roadmapping, enterprises can drive impact with tangible outcomes and compliance in sight.

Improved Efficiency

Scale your business through efficient operations, marketing, finance, legal & compliance experts

Global Visibility

Exclusive access to global funding opportunities. Raise funds via varied sources like Enterprises, HNIs, UHNIs, Retail, Grants

Maximise Program Reach

Give your business a voice by harnessing the power of AI to make smarter decisions

Network Access

Focus on your social development goal, while we explore opportunities and introduce you to a global network of like-minded people and organizations working towards the same goal

Project Proposals

Your social cause, our mission to make it happen.

Smart Tracking

Automatically keep track of your interactions with the funders in one place

Impact Measurement

Calibrate your vision with Metta Social that lasts a lifetime. Monitoring and evaluating process for you to measure your progress

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

Empowering Non-Profit Organizations through collaborative efforts to build a "Better Tomorrow"

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

Manage your Profile

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

Sharing your Project with the right people

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

Assist you in raising funds

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

Raise funds via alternate funding sources

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

Monitoring & Evaluation of the Social Campaign

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

Timely Impact Report at every stage

Metta Social Way to Assist NGOs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering Change: Discover the benefits of collaborating with Metta Social

How does Metta Social work with NGOs?

Metta Social has designed a sustainable 360-degree solution that enables non-profits to be transparent about their activities, assist them in raising funding, and work with them throughout the process, even after the project is over.

How do I register my NGO with the Metta Social platform?

You can reachout to the NGO partnerships team at Metta Social via and they will work with you to get your NGO onboarded to the most suitable product from Metta Social

Why choose Metta Social?

An extraordinarily complex giving environment results from the breadth of social issues in India, the diversity of non-profit organizations, and the continuously shifting legal landscape. We at Metta Social, understand these challenges and can collaborate with you in creating transparency, and strategically transforming your CSR mission to create sustainable impact, at scale.