inTouch for Philanthropists

Maximize your impact and shape a better future

Aim to maximize returns while creating positive social and environmental impact. Diversify your portfolio while making a difference.

Make a Difference

Designated CSR Expert

Professional who specializes in helping organizations develop and implement sustainable and socially responsible business practices

Vetted NGOs

Access to Metta verified vetted NGOs to maximze your social impact

Social Impact Reports

Comprehensive social impact reports, monitoring and evaluation using specialized frameworks

inTouch provides impact investment opportunities to philanthropists (HNIs & UHNIs) who are looking to make a positive impact on the world while also earning a social return. Carefully curated and rigorously vetted projects gives you opportunity to diversify your social investments across different SDGs that aligns with your values and supports the causes you care for

Accelerate philanthropy by aligning your impact goals and giving strategies

Accelerating the success of your philanthropic pursuits by aligning your resources(financial, time, skills), measurable impact goals, and effective giving strategies

Impact Measurement & Reporting

Full Social Return on Investment Report

Impact Roadmap

We build social impact roadmap for you based on your Impact goals

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Tracks progress, identifies areas for improvement & measure impact, ensuring project goals & objectives are met

Impact Portfolio Management

To align investments with their values & mission while maximizing social & environmental impact & financial returns

How inTouch helps you to make sustainable impact at scale

Empowering philanthropists to align their interests and maximize social impact through transparent investment opportunities

Designated professional helps you identify problems, ground realities and the impact you can bring

Connect with curated NGOs

Detailed due diligence gives you top tier investing opportunities

Secure and transparent transactions

Impact reports using inbuilt matrix and frameworks

Expert consultation on monitoring and evaluation to ensure a sustainable impact

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Make a Difference

Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering Change: Discover the benefits of collaborating with Metta Social

What is the purpose of the 'inTouch' platform?

'inTouch' connects High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs) with vetted NGOs and their curated projects to facilitate funding and align their social brand values and mission.

How does 'inTouch' ensure that funding goes towards the intended cause?

'inTouch' has multiple monitoring and reporting frameworks in place to ensure that the funding goes towards the intended cause. We make sure that NGOs update project progress Regularly and impact assessments are conducted to track the impact of the funding and ensure accountability.

How does 'inTouch' determine which NGOs are vetted and eligible for funding?

The platform uses a rigorous vetting process that includes an evaluation of the NGO's financial stability, transparency, and impact to ensure that only credible and trustworthy organizations are eligible for funding.

What is the role of the designated expert for Philanthropist?

The designated expert is assigned to each Philanthropists (HNI/UHNI) to assist them in aligning their social brand values and social mission with the funding opportunities available with us. The expert provides guidance and recommendations based on the HNI/UHNI's goals and priorities.