Digital Daana

On a mission to enable access to digital education for 1 million children by 2023!

An initiative to enable global Indian Community to help & support underprivileged children in India!

Short story:

Little hands parted the curtains of the small window, quietly sneaking a look at the road and quickly scurried inside. Pia and her brother were trying to find the “corona monster” that has terrorised everyone in their neighbourhood. It was in March when the school had dismissed all of them and advised them to stay at home. The sun was scorching, as Pia walked back home with her brother, thinking about all the questions she had for her teacher. Why does it rain? Who paints the rainbow? Why is the sky blue? How many numbers do we learn? So many questions!

It feels like ages ago since Pia had been to school, studied, or played with her friends in the playground. She still learned her old lessons and wished to read more. She had heard from an aunt nearby that the school can reopen if everyone had a laptop or smartphone. She asked her Baba if they would get one too, even agreed to share it with her brother. To her dismay, Baba had no answer- they could barely make ends meet in these trying times. The “corona monster” had ruined school for her.

The coronavirus pandemic has rendered nearly 16 lakh children from low-income families like Pia, to struggle with the paucity of digital devices to access basic education through online classes. According to a survey conducted by NCERT, Delhi, approximately 27% of students do not have access to smartphones or laptops to attend online classes (Source: NCERT). This digital divide and disruption is causing a nationwide increase in learning deficiencies amongst students, leading to an extensive learning gap.

Together, let’s make an effort to bridge the gap between Pia and her education and donate a laptop/smartphone. Join the Digital Daan Campaign today!

Come, join hands with us as we help you make a difference in the progress and development of this generation.

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Written by: Shreya Roy

Metta Social solutions Pvt Ltd

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