SocioNXT for Enterprises

Bringing Your Vision to Life: Collaborating for Social Change

We co-create CSR data-led transformation that aligns the company's social and environmental goals with its business strategy, enhances your reputation and creates long-term sustainable impact.

Make a Difference

Manage End-to-End CSR

Next gen impact management service led platform from curation to impact

Metta Verified

Curated partners and interventions that align with board mandate and impact goals

Monitoring & Evaluation

Empowering evidence-based decision making: Unlock the potential of your programs with effective monitoring and evaluation

An extraordinarily complex giving environment results from the breadth of social issues in India, the diversity of non-profit organizations, and the continuously shifting legal landscape. We at Metta Social understand these challenges and can collaborate with you in creating transparency and strategically transforming your CSR mission to create sustainable impact at scale. We enable this using our deep-tech service led platforms SocioNXT.

Metta Social For Purpose-Driven Enterprises

Join the movement of purpose-driven enterprises with Metta Social. Connect, collaborate, and drive social impact with like-minded organizations.

Corporate Giving

Defining the CSR activities you are about to make a difference in

Impact Measurement & Reporting

Full Social Return on Investment Report

Secure Funds Transfer

Transparent and smooth transactions


Enable niche and strategic programs based on business and impact goals

Platform As a Service

Cutting Edge tech platform with blockchain and AI that brings efficiency and effectiveness

Metta Verified

Pre- Due Diligence Non-profits with Trust Rating

Next-gen Impact Funding For Enterprises

Generate tangible, long-term outcomes by identifying, tracking, and reporting vital social indicators across the value chain. Adapt social strategies on the fly with next-gen capabilities that inspire confidence and new possibilities for sustainable impact.

High level due-diligence gives you access to top tier investment opportunities

Providing Transparency between Non-Profits and Corporates

Long term social impact

Scalable and sustainable platform to track your investments

A detailed, realtime Social Impact Reports

Diversify your funds by investing in different SDGs

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Get the Inside Scoop: All you need to know about SocioNXT's features and benefits

What is the purpose of introducing SocioNXT?

SOcioNXT connects Enterprises/Corporates with vetted NGOs and their curated projects to facilitate funding, where you will get access to all NGOs and projects across India to create economic, environmental and social impact.

How does the platform match Enterprises with the right NGO and project?

As an Enterprise, you will have an open access to all the listed NGOs and their curated projects but Metta team will help you pick the right NGO which is aligned to your brand values and social mission which tends to maximizing social, economical and environmental impact.

Can Enterprises/Corporates customize the projects they fund?

Corporations have the flexibility to choose from the curated projects available on the platform or Metta Social team can work with NGOs to design and implement custom projects that align with Enterprise's philanthropic objectives and values.

How does SocioNXT help Enterprises in the journey ?

SocioNXT (From Metta Social) provide a comprehensive solution, from assisting you in choosing the right NGO to ensuring contract and fund transfer transparency and calculating your total social return on investment.